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10 "Fall-tastic" Books For Kids

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

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Did you know that fall is the favorite season of the nation? It certainly is a very exciting time. The colorful seasonal changes, the weather is perfect, and all the festivities! Celebrate fall with your kids with these fun "fall-tastic" books that are perfect for family story time or supplementing lessons in a classroom. Below is a list of wonderful autumn themed books with beautiful messages and illustrations to start off the season with your kids.

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by Alice Hemming

Squirrel loves to count his red, orange, and gold leaves. After realizing one of his precious leaves is missing, he sets out on a journey with his friend Bird to uncover who stole his leaf. Could it have been one of their forest friends?

The Thief Leaf includes vibrant art that captures the beauty of the autumn season. As a bonus, the book includes material explaining all about the changing of the seasons.

by Jory John

The Bad Seed absolutely loves Halloween, in fact, it's his favorite holiday! Something frightful is happening, he can't seem to find a spooktacular costume for the most awesome night of all. What will he do if he can't find a costume? There is only one thing to do, postpone trick-or-treating for everyone!

Find out if he'll be able to find a costume on time or return to his bad ways in this charming, hilarious, and thought-provoking story. The Good, The Bad, and The Spooky is a continuation of Jory John and Pete Oswald's bestselling Food Group series.

by Funskill Brew

A funny Halloween picture book for kids bound to entertain readers of all ages. Parents rave about how much fun this book is for them and their little ones.

by Wendell Minor

Award-winning author Wendell Minor imagines the extra-large pumpkins in some of America's favorite places such as Mount Rushmore, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon, and more! How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow is full of fun facts celebrating famous landmarks and landscapes while also engaging in the concepts of size and scale. This book would be an excellent addition to geography and math lessons!

by Kenard Pak

Filled with diverse characters and vivid pictures Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn narrates a little girl's walk through the changing seasons. With the trees, blue jays heading south, and colorful leaves, it is a sweet little book about the beautiful changes autumn brings. A perfect introduction to fall!

by Julia Rawlinson

A cute and charming family favorite! When Fletcher notices the leaves falling from his favorite tree, he begins to worry something is wrong, and he wants to understand what is happening. Children will get to join him in wonder as they discover the wonderful surprise that comes as winter rolls around. Celebrate fall with Fletcher the fox!

by Linda White

Too Many Pumpkins is a beautifully illustrated heartwarming classic. It is a wonderful story about helping others. Rebecca Estelle has always hated pumpkins, but one day something unexpected happens, when a giant pumpkin falls in her yard. Over time the tiny pumpkin seed that had fallen in her yard sprouts up and eventually leaves her with TOO MANY PUMPKINS! What will she do now?

by Junia Wonders

Gorgeously illustrated story about a little girl chasing a roll-away pumpkin all over town. Your family can join Marla as she encounters delightful characters helping her along the way. It's perfect for introducing sequencing to preschoolers during the fall season.

by Loren Long

Otis and the Scarecrow is a beautifully illustrated story about subtle acts of compassion and standing up for each other. A wonderful story about inclusion!

by Loretta Holland

Fall Leaves is a perfect combination of fall facts, science, beauty, and rhythm. Parents love the vivid illustrations and how it brings to life the essence of fall.

Happy Fall!

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