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Keep the Summer Fun Going with these Read Aloud Books for Kids to read in August

Updated: Jan 19

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end! Keep the summertime joy going with a great August reading list of read-aloud books for kids. August is a great time to keep kids learning and having fun. Whether you're looking for books to read together during story time or for children to read independently, there are many great options.

Because it's August and the beginning of the new school year is fast approaching, I will focus on back-to-school, social-emotional learning, and end-of-summer themes. Here are some of the best read-aloud books for kids to read in August:

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August read aloud picture books for kids back to school

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August Read Aloud Books For Kids

by Jennifer Jones

As we reach the end of summer and start preparing for the back-to-school season, it's important to find ways to help our kids transition and manage their emotions. That's where "The Calm Down Jar" by Jenifer Jones comes in. This delightful book not only entertains young readers but also teaches them important social-emotional learning skills.

Not only does this book offer a valuable lesson in self-regulation, but it also promotes mindfulness and relaxation. By reading this book with your child and incorporating the idea of a calm-down jar into your daily routine, you can help create a peaceful and balanced environment as the summer winds down and a new school year begins.

by Alexis O'neill

It's important to address issues like bullying with our children. One book that tackles this subject in a fresh and original way is The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill.

The Recess Queen is a powerful story that not only teaches kids about conflict resolution but also promotes the importance of kindness and friendship. It shows children that they have the power to change situations and make a positive impact on others.

by Mark Pett

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is not only a great read-aloud book for kids, but also a valuable resource for teaching growth mindset in the classroom.

This charming story follows Beatrice Bottomwell, a girl who prides herself on never making a mistake. From never forgetting her math homework to always winning the talent show, Beatrice is known as "The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes" in her town.

However, one day, the unthinkable happens – Beatrice makes a colossal mistake in front of everyone. This leads her to question her identity and what it means to be perfect. As readers dive into the pages of this book, they are reminded of the importance of embracing our flaws and learning from our mistakes.

by Britney Winn Lee

The Girl With Big Questions is a fantastic book that teaches children the importance of curiosity and the value of asking questions. It encourages them to embrace their curiosity and not be discouraged by the reactions of others. With its vibrant illustrations and engaging storyline, this book is sure to captivate young readers and inspire them to boldly ask their own big questions.

by Ph.D. Jon Lasser

Grow Happy by Ph.D. Jon Lasser is a delightful read-aloud book that empowers kids to cultivate their happiness. This book teaches children that they have the power to shape their happiness and live resiliently. Written simply and engagingly, Grow Happy provides valuable lessons about personal well-being for kids. The colorful illustrations by Ph.D. Jon Lasser adds vibrancy to the story, capturing the essence of joy and positivity. Whether read aloud or independently, this book is sure to inspire children to take charge of their happiness and embrace their inner gardeners.

by Maria Dismondy

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun is a heartwarming story that teaches the importance of kindness, courage, and staying true to oneself. It is an excellent tool for addressing bullying and promoting positive values. Maria Dismondy, an award-winning author, effectively delivers these messages through her engaging storytelling.

Throughout the book, Lucy grapples with the challenges of being teased and wonders what she should do in response. Should she seek revenge or teach Ralph a lesson? Lucy's Papa Gino reminds her to always do the right thing and treat others with kindness.

by Seth Meyers

In I'm Not Scared, You're Scared by Seth Meyers, readers are introduced to Bear, a character who is easily scared and struggles to make friends. Thankfully, Bear has one brave friend, Rabbit, who encourages him to face his fears and go on an adventure together. However, things don't go as planned, and the two friends find themselves in a situation where they must display true bravery.

by Julie Bliven

Bliven's poetic writing style beautifully captures the essence of shyness and encourages children to embrace their feelings, knowing that it is a natural part of being human. The book also subtly teaches children that even inanimate objects can exhibit shyness, promoting empathy and understanding.

by Julia Cook

I Have Ants in My Pants is a fantastic read-aloud book for kids in August, as it encourages them to practice self-control as they prepare to return to school. It's an engaging and relatable story that teaches valuable life skills in a fun and memorable way.

by David Ezra Stein

With vibrant and engaging illustrations, Interrupting Chicken is a visual treat that will keep kids captivated and entertained. The book was awarded the prestigious Caldecott Honor in 2011, and it is now available in paperback for the first time.

This funny and charming story is not only great for read-aloud sessions, but it also teaches kids the importance of listening and not interrupting. So grab a copy of Interrupting Chicken and keep the summer fun going with this delightful read-aloud book for kids in August.

by Julia Cook

Decibella and Her 6-inch Voice by Julia Cook is a delightful read-aloud book that teaches children about the importance of using different volumes of their voices in different situations. Decibella and Her 6-inch Voice is part of the author's Communicate with Confidence book series, which aims to help children become better communicators. So, if you're looking for a book to help your child learn about voice volume and communication skills, this book is worth a read!

by Julia Cook

My Mouth is a Volcano provides parents, teachers, and counselors with a witty technique to help children understand and address their interrupting habits. By telling the story from Louis' perspective, the book engages children and encourages them to reflect on their own behaviors. This entertaining and educational book is a valuable tool in teaching children the skills they need to communicate effectively and respectfully.

by Ashley Spires

This heartwarming and relatable story teaches children about the importance of perseverance, creativity, and problem-solving. The detailed illustrations vividly depict the girl's emotions and struggles, while also showcasing her determination and resourcefulness. The use of action words throughout the book encourages young readers to expand their vocabulary and engage in imaginative play.

by Angela DiTerlizzi

This book is not only a wonderful read-aloud for children, but also a valuable tool for parents and educators. It teaches the importance of a growth mindset, where setbacks and failures are seen as opportunities for learning and growth. It encourages children to embrace challenges and persevere through difficult moments, knowing that they have the power to overcome them...yet.

by Karen Kilpatrick

In the book, Pencil and Eraser work together to create amazing artwork. As Pencil draws on the pages, Eraser erases parts of the artwork, leading to a collaborative and creative process. Through their unique perspectives, Pencil and Eraser realize that their artwork is even better when they work together.

This story is perfect for back-to-school time, as it highlights the importance of teamwork, creativity, and friendship. It's also a great gift for teachers or a fun addition to any child's book collection.

by John Bray

The End by John Bray is a delightful picture book that tackles the concept of endings and new beginnings in a playful and whimsical way. Perfect for kids who may be feeling a bit sad as summer comes to a close, this book reminds us that endings, big or small, can lead to something new and exciting.

Happy Reading!

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