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Back to School Desk Pet Homes

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Desk pets are an adorable addition to your classroom or homeschool room. They can be used as behavior management tools, quiet buddies, cute gifts from teachers, and more. The possibilities are endless!

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If you don't know what Desk Pets are, they are 3D puzzle animal erasers that students get to keep as their "pet". Teachers all over the world have incorporated it into their classrooms. Some have opened up little "pet shops" or "adoption centers" in their classrooms for students to use their earned points or " desk pet money" to obtain a desk pet or accessories for their pets. One of the things I love about Desk Pets is that teachers, homeschoolers, and parents can use them however they want. For example:

  • Teachers can use them as classroom management tools.

  • Make it fun by opening up a desk pet adoption center and pet store with homes and accessories for the pets.

  • Homeschool parents can use them as incentives for their homeschoolers to complete their work.

  • They can be used as quiet buddies (similar to quiet critters) to remind students it is time to work quietly.

To learn more about desk pets and get ideas on how to use them in the classroom or for homeschooling click here.

Desk Pets

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Of course, the cute little desk pet will need a home or habitat. I have created tons of fun and free desk pet home printables available to download. They are easy to put together, just print, cut, and tape (or glue). Educators can prepare the homes themselves or have the students do it as a class activity.

In this post, I wanted to share my back-to-school-themed desk pet homes, which I think is a fun way to celebrate the first day of school. Teachers can surprise their new students with a cute little pet on their desks for them to keep at their desks or take home.

This back-to-school collection has four different styles to choose from, such as the classroom, school building, bus stop, and the school playground.

Click here for free back-to-school theme desk pet home downloads.

Give us a shout-out and show us how you use Desk Pets in your classroom or homeschool by tagging us (@kindlittleexplorers) on Instagram.

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