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Mother's Day Children's Books to Read with Your Little Ones

Updated: Jan 11

Mother's Day is a special holiday to celebrate the mother figure in your life, and what better way to do that than with some wonderful Mother's Day children's books? Reading with your kids is a great way to bond, and these Mother's Day books for kids are sure to bring a smile to your face while celebrating the day. Here is a list of the best Mother's Day books that you can read with your little ones this Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day read alouds books for kids

by Radwa Ali

A great Mother's Day picture book for young readers! This book is filled with lively, rhyming narratives and humorous illustrations that bring the world of a young child to life. The story follows the young child as they encounter their mother's hair in unexpected places, from breakfast to bath time, and even their family dog's poop! As a heartwarming and amusing tale, this book teaches young readers the importance of understanding and appreciating the love and care provided by their mothers. With its catchy rhymes and vibrant illustrations, Mommy's Hair is Everywhere! is the perfect choice for a Mother's Day celebration.

by Eric Carle

This Mother's Day, express your love with one of the most beloved children's books of all time. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle, is a perfect Mother's Day picture book to read and share with your little ones. Colorful illustrations of caterpillars and other creatures illustrate the story of a very hungry caterpillar and his special relationship with his mother. Together, you can explore the beauty of nature and celebrate the bond between parents and their children. An ideal book for reading aloud, this classic story is sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face.

by Joanna Ho

One Day by Joanna Ho is a beautiful Mother's Day Picture Book. Written from the perspective of a mother, it is a heartfelt and affirming love letter from parent to child, full of hope and dreams for the future. With its heartwarming illustrations and lyrical text, One Day is sure to be cherished by both parents and children alike. It's a wonderful gift for Mother's Day and for loved ones everywhere.

by Andi Diehn

Mama’s Day is a beautiful children’s book that celebrates the complex emotions of motherhood. Written by Andi Diehn and illustrated by Christina Forshay, this story follows a young girl as she navigates her mother’s unpredictable emotions. Through telling a story about a misunderstood dragon, the girl learns to appreciate her mother’s changing moods and recognize her love for her. This story is perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day, as it beautifully illustrates the complexities of motherhood and encourages readers to appreciate their mothers for who they are.

by Patrice Karst

The Invisible String is a wonderful children’s book written by Patrice Karst that explores the idea of an intangible yet unbreakable connection between family members. Through a loving mother’s story, readers of all ages will be introduced to the concept of an Invisible String made of love that connects us to those we love, even if we can’t see it with our eyes. The book has been praised for its heartfelt message, beautiful illustrations, and tender moments. It’s a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day with your little ones and have meaningful conversations about love and connection. With its simple but profound message, The Invisible String is sure to become a classic in any family library.

by Cozbi A. Cabrara

Mama and Me by Cozbi A. Cabrera tells the story of a rainy day when a young girl, out of all the places she could be, decides to be with her mother. The narrative is told in lyrical verse and captures the tenderness and joy of a mother-daughter relationship. The illustrations, done by Cozbi A. Cabrera, are bright, cheerful, and vibrant, and capture the warmth and emotion of this special bond.

Mama and Me is not only a wonderful book for sharing with little ones but also an excellent choice for reading aloud or even gifting! This Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Honor Book will make you and your child feel the love between a mother and her child. A perfect Mother's Day read!

by Rosie Smith

This adorable board book is the perfect way to show Mom just how much you love her. Through adorable illustrations of animal babies, this book offers a unique comparison of how all mothers are the best. Whether it be a penguin mother giving fish to her offspring for breakfast or a mama goldfish nudging her baby into a school of fish, My Mom's the Best makes it clear that no matter what kind of creature you are, your mother always makes you feel loved. So this Mother’s Day, give Mom a heartfelt gift with My Mom's the Best!

by Marianne Richmond

This heartfelt book celebrates all the ways in which a mother's love is unconditional and everlasting. From cuddling and comfort to giving guidance, a mother's love is always there. Through poetic language and vivid illustrations, You are My Heart illustrates the bond between a mother and her child. It is the perfect book for Mother's Day to express appreciation for the special woman in your life.

by Karen Kilpatrick

This endearing board book by Karen Kilpatrick is sure to be a hit with your little ones this Mother's Day! Smooch!: A Celebration of the Enduring Power of Love is a playful and humorous take on the expression of love that is both relevant and reassuring. Through vibrant illustrations and simple yet meaningful text, Kilpatrick highlights the joys of love and the permanence of connections between loved ones. With its universal message of togetherness and security, this wonderful book is sure to make an excellent addition to your child’s library. Celebrate the bond between mother and child with this heartfelt gift that will last forever!

by Natasha Wing

This heart-warming story is perfect for celebrating Mom and all that she does. Readers will follow a dad and his children as they plan the perfect day for Mom and find ways to show her how much they appreciate her. From baking a special cake together to offering a coupon for a spa day in their own kitchen, this book celebrates the love of family and the joys of Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day!

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