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Books to Help Kids Overcome Anxiety

Updated: Jan 19

In this post, I will share a list of books to help kids with anxiety. Feeling anxious can be scary, especially when it interferes with your ability to go about your everyday life. Anxiety disorder afflicts millions of people, including children and adolescents. And while there’s no magic wand to wave away the painful feelings and worried thoughts, there are strategies that can help kids cope with their anxieties. Luckily, there are plenty of books available that can help your child learn how to recognize when they are feeling anxious, how to deal with feelings of anxiety, and how to overcome them.

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by Elizabeth Cole

Worry is a normal part of life, but sometimes it can lead to overwhelming anxiety which can greatly affect a child's behavior. A crucial step towards helping children overcome anxiety is to teach them to be aware of the signs of anxiety and how to deal with them healthily.

I Am Stronger Than Anxiety is an engaging picture book that provides a kid-friendly guide to understanding the feelings of anxiety and provides them with tools on what to do when they are worried or afraid.

by Britney Winn Lee

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings is a bestselling classic in the world of social-emotional learning. In this story, the main character has feelings so big that he doesn't know what to do with them, so he decides to stuff them down until he realizes that feelings are something that should be celebrated and not hidden. Children will be able to relate to the main character in this beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book.

by Angela Diterlizzi

The Magical Yet is a wonderful book for children who get easily frustrated about the things they can't do...yet. Maybe they are learning to tie their shoes or to ride a bike, this book will help your child develop a positive mindset, to turn negatives into positives when faced with difficult learning situations. It's a great reminder for children (and adults) that there are things we haven't learned...yet.

by Niels van Hove

Meet Kate, she uses her strong mind to face the challenges of day-to-day life with a positive attitude. You will notice that she faces similar situations as most kids, such as getting ready in time, doing cartwheels, standing in front of the whole class to deliver a show and tell, and playing sports.

In this story, your child will learn to apply the techniques that Kate uses to keep her mind strong, such as setting goals, positive self-talk, accepting failure as a lesson, visualizing problems, mindfulness exercises, and controlled distractions.

by Andi Green

2019 Child Mind Institute Pick for Best Children's Books About Mental Health

Wince is probably the biggest worrier you will ever meet. Everything worries Wince, cookies, homework, and the weather just to name a few. When he worries, a WorryBug appears. At first, the WorryBug is small, but it grows along with Wince's worries, becoming more of a threat.

Don't Feed The WorryBug is a fantastic story to start a dialog with your children about worry and anxiety, and not letting those grow to the point of ruining their day.

by M.H. Clark

Over and Over is a gentle rhyming story that follows a young girl and her father as they enjoy life's everyday simple pleasures from sitting down for breakfast to gazing at the stars before bedtime. A relaxing picturebook that uses the familiar day-to-day routines a child may have to help soothe any anxious feelings that may be lurking.

by Nicola Edwards

"Mindfulness is all about connecting with ourselves and the world around us."

Happy is a poetically written introduction to mindfulness. It is a soothing read that will help children understand and practice controlling their emotions and develop an appreciation for the beauty in the world around them.

by Allison Edwards

Beat, Beat, Thump is a picture book that teaches kids how they can bring themselves to calm down when they have feelings of anxiety, worry, or panic. In this story, you will meet Alex a boy who has a few tricks that help him center himself and regain calmness. He knows it's time to use his technique when his heart is pounding loudly. He stomps his feet and focuses on the beat of his heart. When he is at peace, he feels the steady hum of his heartbeat.

by Christopher Fequiere

Worry is something everybody feels from time to time. Worry is not all bad, but if left unchecked, it can become too intense or out of control. In My Worried Worrier, a girl goes to school as her worries tag along. As the day passes, her worries multiply, she must try to move past them so she can get through the school day.

This book aims to teach children strategies that they can use to prevent worry from overcoming them.

by Lana Simkins

Greta And The Dark Cloud is a character-building book that teaches children that sometimes scary situations cannot be avoided. There is a dark cloud following Greta everywhere, and it's not until she confronts the dark cloud that she discovers that sometimes scary storms can bring good things.


“It illustrates how fear and anxiety plague the mind, and the uselessness of it. Greta shows fortitude.” ~F. Biernat, Windsor, ON

by Kira Willey

Breath Like a Bear teaches children how to control their breathing and relax to sleep just like a hibernating bear. A wonderful choice for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to learn and develop essential mindfulness practices.

by Jason Gruhl

Just a Thought is a playful read-aloud that utilizes vivid illustrations along with rhyming texts to teach children how our lives are shaped by our thoughts. The story aims to teach self-awareness by recognizing negative self-thought, and recurring thought patterns, and understanding that the mind is a powerful thing where anything is possible!

by Amy S Orlovich

Written by a professional counselor, Wilson the Wombat will introduce your child to unique Australian animals while teaching them how to relax their minds so they can fall asleep. Your child will meet Wilson the wombat, who finds himself struggling to sleep because he is filled with worry. It's a helpful bedtime story for anxious little ones.

by Tom Percival

Ruby is a happy little girl until she discovers something- a Worry. At first, the worry starts small, but then it grows so big it is all she can think about. One day she makes a friend who helps her understand that everyone has worries and that there is a trick to get rid of worries.

Happy Reading!

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