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Charm Reward System for Kids: Rewarding Kids' Good Behavior with Charms

Updated: 3 days ago

Having a reward system in place can help kids build good learning habits and reinforce positive behavior. A reward system is a good idea because it generates interest and motivates your children.

Charm rewards could easily be used and adapted for homeschooling, inside a regular classroom, and in the home. They could serve as a way to motivate your homeschoolers to do their work, motivate children to do chores, and promote good behavior. Kids will love these non-toy rewards!

In this post, I will give you some ideas on how to use charms to reinforce positive behavior and/or learning habits. I've also included the FREE printables (scroll down to download) pictured below.

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Positive behavior rewards and reinforcement classroom rewards

Reward System for Kids: Using Charm Rewards to Help Kids Build Good Learning Habits

One of the ways we keep our kids motivated to finish their school tasks is by using the Desk Pet Reward system. You might have seen on social media the adorable desk pet classroom management system that many teachers have implemented in their classrooms. It worked out well for us. If you would like to read more about Desk Pets, click here.

However, as we are finishing up our first semester, I asked my kids if they wanted to take a break from the Desk Pet rewards and instead get rewarded with charms when we get back from winter break. They said yes. Now, we are switching things up for the second semester.

The charm reward system will work this way, I will give each kid their own silicone wristband, which they can attach their earned charm. They can earn charms at the end of the day for completing their work, good behavior, and having a good learning attitude. Another option would be to reward children with charms at the end of the week for their good work. When they have completed their wristband, they can choose a prize. Here are some examples of non-toy prizes:

Pizza dinner
Movie Night
Ice Cream
Game Night

behavior management

I opted to place the charms inside a bag, and have the child grab a charm without peeking. If the child doesn't like the charm they grabbed, they will have one opportunity to trade. I picked out a wristband for myself with charms for the kids to be able to trade with me.

There are many awesome charm packs to choose from on Amazon. I purchased these charms and these silicone wristbands. The wristband size is adjustable and fits my 4-year-old, 9-year-old, and me.

Rewards for kids

More Ideas On How to Use Charm Rewards

Using Charms as Chore Rewards

Alternatively, the charms could be used to reward kids for completing chores. A charm is earned at the end of the week (or day) for completing daily chores. After completing the wristband, they can choose their prize.

Using Charms as Reading Rewards

Charms can be used to motivate children to read and finish a book. For each book read, the child will earn a charm. When they have filled up their wristband with charms, they earn a prize.

Caught You Being Good Charm Rewards to Reinforce Positive Behavior

Charms could be given whenever you catch your child behaving positively. Such as being nice, and kind, having manners, etc. Choose what behavior you would like to reinforce, and explain to your child that he or she will receive a charm whenever you "catch them being good". When they have filled up their wristband with charms, they earn a prize.

Overall, I find that these are a great alternative to treasure boxes or desk pets.

I hope you find these ideas useful!

Click here to download the Charm Reward Printables

Happy Rewarding!

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