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Books for kids 1st grade through 4th grade

Updated: Jan 11

This is a post for the parent who is searching for a book that their child will actually want to read. Below I have listed some of the books my own child has read and really enjoyed. If you read the book reviews (which I recommend you do), you will notice that the books are highly rated by kids, parents, and teachers.

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Here is a list of chapter books and graphic novels my 8-year-old son has enjoyed reading (even more than once), and some other books he's looking forward to reading. This list includes books that have been carefully researched and have earned excellent reviews from parents, teachers, and kids. (Click here and skip to the chapter books)

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Books for young kids chapter books and graphic novels

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are books written in comic book format. In my opinion, graphic novels are an excellent way to transition your child from first-reader books to chapter books. They have lots of pictures and lots of words to read. Graphic novels are also lengthier, but highly entertaining.

by Ben Clanton

Full of fun and silliness, the Narwhal and Jelly book set is a perfect choice for a first graphic novel. We have all four books in our home, they were given as a gift to my son when he was 4 years old. Back then we would read the books to him, and he would laugh and giggle the whole time. The giggles continue now as he reads the Narwhal books to his little brother.

by Jeffrey Brown

An original and humorous story in a school far away. Star Wars Jedi Academy tells the story of Ronan a boy who was mysteriously invited to attend Jedi Academy (a school he didn't even apply to). He learns of all the strength and potential he possesses.

by Cara J. Stevens

The perfect graphic novel series for young Minecraft enthusiasts. My son just finished book #6. He can't wait for the next one! In this series, set off on an epic adventure with Pell, Logan, and Maddy as they must leave Fortress City and head to the Wild West. As soon as they leave, they must battle hostile monsters and elements. Will they be able to survive?

Encouraging love and appreciation for books in children can begin by reading to them from an early age. Once they begin to read, it is wise to have books they find interesting available to them, especially when they begin transitioning from picture books to chapter books. You can facilitate the transition by providing your kids with books that get them excited to read.

Chapter Books

Give your child a book that involves something they like (e.g. Pokemon, dragons, cats, dogs, magic, Minecraft, etc. ). You'll get some peace and quiet without having to turn on the T.V. It's a win-win!

Parents know their child best and can better think of what topics or themes interests their child the most. Think about what your child enjoys talking about, their favorite shows or movies, and what kids their age are into.

At around second grade your child may be ready for chapter books. In this post, I have listed early chapter books perfect for children between ages 6 and 12 years old.

by Mary Pope Osborne

A classic favorite for more than 25 years. Magic Tree House tells the tale of two siblings who discover a magic tree house in the woods. The children are transported to the age of the dinosaurs, medieval times, and more!

by Tracey West

A great choice for kids who have just started to read independently. Dragon Masters is a book series about young dragon masters who must connect, train, and uncover their dragon's hidden powers.

by Betty G. Birney

Kids, parents, and teachers love this book! The World According to Humphrey manages to capture kids' attention, parents enjoy reading it to their children, and teachers use the book for their classroom reading activities. It's a fun book, told through the perspective of Humphrey, which gives kids a glimpse of life at school from a pet hamster's perspective.

by J.k. Rowling

Harry Potter is a young boy who lives with his aunt and uncle who are terrified that he will one day discover that he is a wizard. His life changes when he is invited to join a school for wizards.

Note: My 8-year-old read books 1 and 2 in two weeks. He enjoyed them! However, while I have heard of other children around his age who have enjoyed all the Harry Potter books, I will wait until mine is a little older before letting him read the third installment of the Harry Potter series. The reason is that Harry Potter books can be a little scary for younger kids, so I will be treading on the more conservative side and letting him grow a little bit more before letting him continue on with these amazing books.

by Joe Shreiber

Is your child a fan of Star Wars? The Mandalorian Junior Novel is the book adaptation of Disney's Mandalorian Season 1 geared towards a younger audience. It's described as interesting, mesmerizing, and easy to follow. My 8-year-old agrees!

by Jennifer Johnson

Featuring beloved classic characters Ash, Pikachu, and friends! This book is excellent for beginning to incorporate chapter books into Pokemon-loving children. The story follows Ash's journey as he decides between following his dreams of becoming a great Pokemon trainer or letting Charizard go in order for him to continue growing stronger.

by Beverly Cleary

Follow Ribsy's journey as he makes his way back to his owner and friend Henry after mistakenly getting into the wrong station wagon with the wrong family.

by Rosanne Parry

Parents and children rave about this beautifully illustrated book inspired by the true story of a wolf named Journey. In this New York Times bestseller, Swift is a wolf that goes through an incredible journey to find his new home. This is a book that is also very informative about wolves. Your child will learn all about wolves from the perspective of a wolf. How wolves live, what wolves eat, etc.

by Peter Brown

A great choice for kids who love robots! This is a captivating book that tells the story of a robot who finds herself stranded on a remote island with no idea how she got there. She learns to adapt to her surroundings and befriends other creatures on her journey.

W. Bruce Cameron

The perfect books for young dog lovers! Each book tells the heartwarming story of a dog and its owner. My 8-year-old has absolutely loved them! What I also appreciate from the books is that they also contain reading and activity guides with pre and post-reading discussion questions.

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