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How to Host an Epic Nerf Birthday Party on a Budget

Updated: Jan 15

Are you ready to plan an epic Nerf birthday party for your child, but don’t want to break the bank? No problem! With a little creativity and some thrifty shopping, it is possible to host a low-cost Nerf birthday party that is sure to be remembered for years to come. Keep reading to learn how to plan a memorable and affordable Nerf birthday party!

Nerf Party
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Location, Location, Location

When it comes to throwing an epic Nerf birthday party, one of the most important things to consider is location. If you’re lucky enough to have a large backyard, then this is the perfect place to host a Nerf battle! Set up a series of obstacles and boundaries and let your kids (and their friends) engage in a thrilling Nerf war. To make the battle even more exciting, you could set up two teams and award points to each team member who reaches the other team's side.

If you don’t have a large backyard, then you could always try to rent a local park or community center for the day. This is a great option for larger parties with lots of kids.

Alternatively, you can always set up a Nerf battlefield inside your home if you prefer. Just make sure that you have plenty of space and appropriate safety measures in place.

We kept the party outside by using our own yard as the battlefield and setting up an area with tables for the snacks, food, and drinks, the cake, and seating. It kept the mess out of the house, parents were able to sit and watch the Neft battle from a safe distance, and the kids had easy access to food and drinks.

The Guest List

Hosting an epic Nerf birthday party starts with putting together the right guest list. Inviting the right number of kids to your Nerf battle will ensure your party is successful. With the perfect guest list and a great Nerf battle plan, your kids will surely have an unforgettable birthday party!

Depending on the size of your venue, you’ll want to decide on a reasonable number of attendees to ensure everyone has enough space to move around and participate in the Nerf war. Consider whether you will be hosting both boys and girls or just one gender. It’s also a good idea to think about the ages of your guests, as younger children may need more supervision than older ones.

We asked our son who he really wanted to invite, which ended up being his best buddies and kids who he regularly played with. It was a mix of mostly boys from the ages of 5 through 10 years old.

Free Customizable Nerf Birthday Party Invitation Click Here

When inviting your guests, make sure to let them know what type of clothing they should wear for a successful Nerf battle, such as long-sleeved shirts and pants, closed-toe shoes, and safety goggles if necessary.

My boys had plenty of Nerf guns at home, enough to share with friends, and I knew most of the other kids did as well. On the invitation, we asked them to bring their favorite Nerf Gun and we would provide all the ammo.

Party Favors

No Nerf birthday party is complete without some awesome party favors.

Nerf Party

While going all-out with customized swag and branded goodies can be tempting, you don’t have to break the bank to show your guests how much you appreciate them.

For the ultimate Nerf experience, we purchased safety glasses, nerf darts (ammo), and wristband dart holders. We put them inside the goodie bags along with candy.

When the guests arrived they each got to pick their goodie bag and immediately got ready for battle by putting on their safety glasses, and wristband dart holder.

Games and Activities

When it comes time for the Nerf birthday party, don't forget to include lots of games and activities to keep your guests engaged and excited. With some imagination and the right supplies, you can have an epic Nerf birthday party without spending too much money!

To make it even more epic, set up a Nerf battlefield using large cardboard boxes and other obstacles to hide behind and give the game an extra dimension. We collected the largest cardboard boxes we could find and spray-painted them with epic camo colors using a combination of Rust-Oleum Camouflage spray paints.

Make sure you have different Nerf battle games and rules ready to go. Popular choices include Capture the Flag, Protect the President, and Red Team vs Blue Team. We wanted to have something that identifies each team and purchased two different sets of wristbands. The red team wore black and red wristbands and the Blue team wore Blue striped wristbands.

A Nerf gun target practice with prize punches can also be a great way to engage your guests and keep the fun going throughout the day!

Don't forget to stock up on extra darts, so there's plenty to go around! As the host, you can even come up with your own unique Nerf war or battle games that are sure to keep everyone entertained for hours.

The Cake

When it comes to your nerf birthday party, you want to make sure that the cake fits the theme. You can save time by having the cake made by your favorite baker. But if you like to bake, make the birthday extra special by baking the cake yourself!

No matter what you choose, you can guarantee that the cake will be the centerpiece of the party and fuel all the energy for an epic Nerf war or battle.

Party Decorations

We kept things simple, and themed, by choosing table covers and disposable utensils in blue and orange colors. Additionally, we created three posters with Nerf Battle Rules and different Nerf game rules and hung the posters behind the main table for some added decor.

The posters had multiple purposes, to add to the decor and keep order by having the rules displayed.

Food and Drinks

When it comes to food and drink for your epic Nerf birthday party, keep it simple! You don't need to break the bank by serving an elaborate meal. Finger foods and snacks are perfect for a Nerf battle.

Ordering pizza might be the easiest and simplest route, but you may also consider setting up a make-your-own-pizza station or having an array of snacks like chips, pretzels, popcorn, and trail mix.

Drinks can be easy, too. Have pitchers of lemonade and punch on hand, as well as individual beverages like juices and bottles of water. For a special treat, consider providing fun, Nerf-themed cups or straws.

Happy Party Planning!

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