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Exploring Puerto Rico: 10 Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Updated: May 13

Maybe you've booked a flight to Puerto Rico or you are considering a trip to Puerto Rico. A vacation in Puerto Rico is nothing short of extraordinary. You will be surprised at how many different things there are to do on the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. I have compiled a list of fun family things to do in Puerto Rico. Most of these activities are little kid-friendly!

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La Parguera Puerto Rico
First things first, some facts about Puerto Rico:

1. It is a U.S. territory.

2. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

3. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan.

4. Puerto Rico has tropical weather.

5. Languages spoken are Spanish and English.

Things to do in Puerto Rico:

There is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, which brings us to the first on our list of things to do in Puerto Rico:

1. Head West to the Beach

Puerto Rico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, however, the west side of the island has some of the best beaches! It offers a wide range of activities for everyone from world-class surfing to some of the most family-friendly beaches on the island. Almost every beach there is special in its way. Our favorite beaches for swimming and snorkeling, with highly recommended nearby dining places:

  • Crash Boat

  • Rompe Olas

  • Pozo de Teodoro (Theodore's well), also known as "La Pocita" or "Montones".

Crash Boat is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico. This beach has a pier that is very popular for fishing and diving in the water. There are plenty of on-site delicious food stands where you can grab some kabobs or, as the locals call them, "pinchos", or for a more formal dining experience consider Rico's, Sazones, Desecheo or Mona by the1 PR-107 road.

Great for:

  • Snorkeling or scuba diving

  • Swimming

  • Jumping from the pier

  • Relaxing on the sand

  • Enjoying local cuisine

  • Photo Ops!

If you have to choose just one beach to visit, choose Crash Boat!

Rompe Olas is located in the downtown area of Aguadilla. It is a nice relaxing beach, perfect for little kids. It is conveniently located near the boardwalk that also happens to host popular restaurants and downtown parks.

Great for:

  • Families with small kids

  • Enjoying local cuisine

  • Playing in the sand

  • Swimming

  • Exploring downtown Aguadilla

Pozo de Teodoro is a great choice for families with little kids. It resembles a wide and shallow swimming pool. A little further from the shore, the beach also has another formation that resembles a pool that is great for snorkeling and viewing colorful fish. Families can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with plenty of exploration options, like seashell collecting, looking for crabs around the rocks, or watching the surfers ride the waves on the beach next door.

Great for:

  • Families with small children

  • Playing in the sand

  • Sea Shell collecting

  • Exploring

  • Snorkeling

2. Visit a Tropical Rainforest

El Yunque is a tropical rainforest and is a tourist favorite. This beautiful rainforest is also home to the Puerto Rican tree frog, the "Coqui". It is a very popular hiking spot, hikers enjoy the hike leading up to beautiful views of the island or hike to some of its impressive waterfalls.

3. Explore a Bioluminescent Bay

If you can visit Puerto Rico on a night when there is little to no moon, visit a bioluminescent bay where you can see the water sparkle brightly as you move your hand through the water. Puerto Rico has not one, but three bioluminescent bays (out of only five in the world!). One of which is the world's brightest bioluminescent bay (Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico). There are many kinds of tours offered, you could kayak around the bay or take a boat tour with a chance to take a dip in the water. Here are the links for more info:

4. Visit a Hacienda

Hacienda is Spanish for plantation. Puerto Rico has several plantations that offer gorgeous views and fantastic food. Recently we had the chance to visit El Paladar Campesino and Hacienda La Fe.

El Paladar Campesino offers an amazingly flavorful menu with a spectacular view.

Hacienda la Fe offers more for the kids (and grown-ups) with a small rope bridge, walking trail, zip lining, and bungee.

5. Old San Juan

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

At first, I was going to write "El Morro", but Old San Juan is more than just "El Morro". Old San Juan is the perfect place to learn more about Puerto Rico's rich Spanish history. It is a beautiful historic place with lots of shopping and dining. Located in Old San Juan is "El Morro" which was designed to guard and protect the entrance to the San Juan Bay. This is the perfect spot for history buffs and photographers. Also a great spot for a picnic and some kite flying. For more information click here.

6. Cueva Ventana

Cueva Ventana

Cueva Ventana (Window Cave) is a large cave with an opening that overlooks the Rio Grande of the Arecibo Valley. The guided tour begins with a hike through some of Puerto Rico's beautiful fauna and then through the cave.

Update: It has permanently closed. But there are other amazing natural places to visit. We will be updating our list soon.

7. Salt Flats of Cabo Rojo

Salinas Cabo Rojo Salt Flats

The salt flats are located in a convenient spot close to beautiful beaches, the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, and a wide selection of popular local restaurants.

Address: PR-301, Boquerón, Cabo Rojo 00622, Puerto Rico

8. Visit La Parguera

La Parguera is located in the town of Lajas. Rent a boat and spend the day at Cayo Caracoles. The water is clear and shallow. The boat ride to Cayo Caracoles is very nice and short. If you do not feel comfortable renting a boat, there are boats available that can take you to Cayo Caracoles.

9. Go Ziplining

Zip Lining

There are various locations across Puerto Rico for ziplining. One of them is at Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, where Jimmy Fallon was brave enough to adventure. At this park, you will enjoy hours of adventures and beautiful landscapes.

10. Horseback Ridding


Horseback riding in Puerto Rico is a wonderful experience, as they take you through some of the most beautiful sceneries. Two of our favorite places for horseback riding are Tropical Trail Rides which offer more of a beach atmosphere and Carabalí is more of a mountain/river atmosphere.

Tropical Trail Rides is located in the town of Isabela and offers two-hour horseback riding tours through a beautiful private-like beach.

Carabalí is located in the town of Luquillo and is an adventure park complete with ATVs, UTVs, go-carts, and hayrides.

Below are links for information on traveling to Puerto Rico and COVID-19 :

Happy Travels!

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