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January Reading List: January's Best Picture Books for Kids

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Getting children to read books can be challenging even with the best of intentions. Most kids don’t want to just sit down and read quietly when they could be playing outside or doing something else that’s fun and engaging. However, reading a picture book to your child can help develop their literacy skills and also entertain them as well!

Use this list of January's best picture books for kids to find some great books to read with your kids during January.

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January Picture books

by Sean Taylor

Follow a boy and his grandmother through the winter landscape and explore what happens to Earth as it goes to sleep for winter. Expand your child's knowledge of the natural world with Winter Sleep, a cozy bedtime story that offers children an introduction to the concept of hibernation.

by April Martin

Meet January, a lovable and relatable character. When winter break is over, January struggles to get out of her warm and cozy bed on the first day back to school. She loves to be cozy and play with the new toys she received over the winter break. Written by a school teacher, January will help children make connections to the events and weather changes that take place during January.

by Kate Messner

Over and Under the Snow takes young readers on a ski trip through the winter woods. Throughout their cross-country trip, they will discover the secret world of animals that are living under the snow.

by Cathy Camper

Ten Ways to Hear Snow is the perfect book to cozy up and read during the winter months. In this story, a young girl named Lina discovers ten ways to notice what might otherwise go unnoticed, such as the sound of snow! Ten Ways to Hear Snow is a picture book that teaches mindfulness.

by Katy Hudson

Tortoise likes to sleep through the winter, he isn't missing much after all, right? At least that's what he thinks until his friends convince him to stay awake through the winter. Will he remain a winter grouch or discover the magical side of winter?

by Tiger Tales

In this winter fun peek-through counting book, join the woodland creatures as they play snowy games. Watch as the number decreases from 10 to 1 with each passing page.

by Jane Whittingham

Only the Trees Know is a heartwarming story about waiting. Little Rabbit is eager for spring, he doesn't like waiting at all. Young readers will relate to this little rabbit's impatience, while the winter story will offer them a lesson in patience.

Editorial Review
The mindfulness theme of the story encourages readers, like the young rabbit, to slow down and be aware of their surroundings.―Booklist

by Etta Kaner

What happens to the animals when winter arrives? Young readers will explore how animals stay warm during the cold weather in this fun and factual book. Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate? makes a fantastic winter read for little learners!

by Jon Nelson, PH.D.

What better time to learn about snow than wintertime? With this book, your little scientist will discover how snow crystals form, what shapes they take, and how each snow crystal is unique. The perfect winter read-aloud to inspire curiosity and wonder!

Bonus: Snowflake-catching instructions are also included!

by Jansey Books

Sadsquash is a little yeti with big feelings, and sometimes those feelings can become overwhelming. What can he do to manage his daily emotions? In this fun and relatable story, little readers will learn how to manage all the many emotions they can feel in one day.

by Kevin Henkes

Winter is Here, written by award-winning author Kevin Henkes, introduces basic language concepts accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Laura Dronzek which capture the beauty and excitement of the winter season.

by Yuval Zommer

Oh! The magic of the first snowfall! It's Fox and Hare's first winter. They are curious about snow and ask the other animals what snow is like, but each forest animal gives a different answer. Soon they discover for themselves what snow is like.

by Nick Butterworth

One cold winter night, Percy the Park Keeper realizes that the park animals need a warm place to sleep. He has a nice and warm hut, but it is small and he realizes that when you invite one animal you've invited them all!

Bonus: Includes a fold-out poster!

by Kristen Hall

What happens to birds who stay and brave the cold weather and freezing temperatures? This poetic picture book is a salute to the birds who adapt to survive the cold. Snow Birds is a fantastic book to read aloud and learn about the amazing winter birds.

by Karma Wilson

It's wintertime, and what do bears do in winter? They sleep! When Bear's friends stop by to check on him, they discover that Bear is still awake, he can't fall asleep! As good friends do, they do their best to help him fall asleep. They brew him tea and sing him a lullaby, but nothing is working. Will Bear finally go to sleep? or will he stay up all winter?

January reading list books for kids
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Happy Reading!

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