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March's Must-Read Children's Picture Books

Updated: Feb 27

March is a great time to explore new stories and books with your children! There are so many amazing children's picture books that can help your kids learn, grow, and explore the world around them. Whether you are looking for something funny, educational, or just plain sweet, there are plenty of options to choose from this month. Here is a list of some of the best must-read children's picture books for the month of March - perfect for your next bedtime story or afternoon read-aloud.

March reading list

Use this list of March's best picture books for kids to find some great books to read with your kids during the month of March.

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by Ryan Higgins

Spring is in the air, and nobody is more excited to share her joy than Ruth the Bunny. She can't wait to share the smelly springtime smells with Bruce. Will Bruce enjoy the stink as much as Ruth does?

"Higgins' sparse text is humorously juxtaposed with his signature, detail-packed, engaging illustrations. The mouse-sized treehouse and the despondent, dripping moose are especially delightful. Bruce's unibrow is practically a protagonist in and of itself. Ruth's exuberance plays off Bruce's disgruntledness like a sweet pear off gorgonzola." ---Kirkus Reviews
by Rosemary Mosco

It turns out that butterflies are much more than beautiful and quiet creatures, they can be sneaky, loud, and pretty gross too! Explore the science of butterflies as told by a monarch butterfly who will reveal the truth about butterflies in this hilarious book.

by Brandon Walden

Words have the power to hurt or to heal.

Seeds and Trees is a heart-warming story that explored the effects words have on feelings and emotions. The story follows a young prince who gathers seeds from those he encounters and then gifts them forward. Seeds could either be green or black. The prince plants and waters the seeds, until he realizes that the growing dark trees damage the growing green trees. How can he create a beautiful garden?

by Demi

Meet Ping, a boy who loved flowers. He was a talented gardener, anything he planted would bloom! The Emperor of China loved flowers too. One day, to choose an heir, the Emperor gave a flower seed to every child of the kingdom. The child who can bloom the best flowers in a year would be the Emperor's heir. Will Ping be able to produce beautiful flowers? The Empty Pot is a simple text with beautiful illustrations that teaches children a lesson about honesty.

by Kirsten Hall

Buzzing with vibrant verse by Kirsten Hall, and buzz-worthy illustrations by Isabelle Arsenault, The Honeybee celebrates the critically important honeybee. It covers the lifecycle of the honeybee, its habits, and more!

by Leah Gilbert

The Perfect Plan is a beautifully illustrated book about leadership, creative thinking, and perseverance! One of Maya's biggest dreams is to build a place where she can hide out and read, dream and play. She dreams of building a fort. Maya drafts her plans and gathers supplies, but when she gets to the forest she realized she might need some help. Luckily, she finds friends that have just the right set of skills for her big project. Will her fort be everything she hoped it would be?

by Amy June Bates

The Big Umbrella is a simple, lyrical story with a gentle theme of inclusion. It doesn't matter how tall you are, or hairy, or plaid, or how many legs you have, there is room for everyone under the umbrella.

by Chris Saunders

Wish is a touching story about kindness and friendship. In this heartfelt story, Rabbit gets three wishes. But he cannot decide what to wish for, so he asks his friends Mouse, Fox, and Bear what they would wish for if they had a wish. Demonstrating selflessness and kindness, Rabbit grants all three wishes to his friends. In an act of gratefulness for their friend Rabbit's kindness, his friends in return share their wishes with Rabbit.

by Alison Ferrell

Three young explorers set off on an adventure. During their hike, they observe and explore the wonders of the natural world that surrounds them. The Hike is a beautifully written and illustrated book that will captivate and inspire young audiences to marvel at nature.

by Nicola Kinnear

Logan would rather stay-at-home where it is cozy and safe. But when his friend goes missing, he discovers just how brave he can be. A Little Bit Brave is a gorgeously illustrated and fun picture book that reminds us that we are all braver than we think.

by Katheryn Erskine

National Book Award Winner Kathryn Erskine delivers a beautiful picture book that shows young readers how the world is one big community made up of people who are more similar than they are different.

by Jamie Rose

A fascinating rhyming story that teaches children about the natural world, more specifically... worms! A Worm Called Wallace is a fantastic introduction to biology that teaches children why worms are important for our ecosystem.

by Rachel Jankovic

Sir Badalot's castle fell down! Again! He stomps and shouts...not realizing that the Cranky Danky Dragon is behind knocking down Sir Badalot's castle making him even more upset. Once Sir Badalot realizes what is destroying his kingdom, he must figure out how to keep that terrible beast out forever. Sir Badalot is a whimsical story about emotional self-control and anger management.

by Keiko Kasza

Mr. Fox must be having a lucky day when a delicious-looking piglet knocks on his door. He just can't believe his luck, dinner has shown up on his doorstep! It must truly be Mr. Fox's lucky day! Or is it? In this funny tale with a surprise ending, readers will realize that it was actually the piglet's lucky day all along!

by Kenard Pak

Join a young boy and his dog as they take a stroll through the countryside, exploring nature and greeting the signs of the changing season. Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring is a fantastic picture book for encouraging young children to observe what happens in nature as it changes from winter to spring.

by Alice Hemming

It's springtime and Squirrel has discovered a flower has sprung to life. When he becomes overprotective of that flower, his friend Bird must teach him the right way to blossom and grow flowers. Don't Touch That Flower is the perfect seasonal and educational story for children ages 4 and up looking to learn about the changing seasons.

Happy Reading!
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