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Modern-Boho Decor on Amazon

We recently moved into a new house, and with the move comes the opportunity to re-think our decorating style. When it comes to home decor and style, I always tend to lean between bohemian style and a clean modern look, modern-boho. I'm a sucker for woven and rattan furniture and accent decor. It may be because I am an island girl, and things that are woven or rattan give me beach vibes. I think that incorporating at least a touch of boho style can make a home feel stylish, inviting, and relaxing. It's a style that grounds you. A home aesthetic that is down-to-earth, creative, artistic, and flowy! Click here for links.

I've spent countless amounts of time browsing for all things boho, so naturally, I wanted to share all the amazing boho-style decor and furniture I found on amazon. To achieve the boho look, you will need plants, a variety of textures and patterns, low-level seating, rugs, throw pillows and blankets, macrame, and lots of natural elements. For colors, go for a combination of earthy hues with neutral or warm colors.

*This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases*

As always, I do my best to find quality well-rated products on amazon. Here are some of the best boho furniture and decor I found on Amazon:

Quick Links:

  1. Minimalist Boho Wall Art

  2. Media table TV stand

  3. Artificial succulent plants

  4. Wicker egg chair

  5. Woven accent chair

  6. Moroccan Rug

  7. Modern couch pillows

  8. Woven seagrass basket

  9. Natural decor floor pouf

Happy Decorating!

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