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Where to Find Mickey Beignets in Disney World

Updated: Jun 21

One of the things I wanted to do on our latest trip to Disney World, was to eat the Mickey-shaped beignets. I have tried New Orleans beignets before from the famous Café Du Monde, but never have I ever tried the adorable and tasty Disney World beignets.

Disney World Beignets Where to find them

On our Disney World vacation rest day (a day not spent at a park), we went to Disney Springs. It so happens that we had spent the previous four days at the parks, doing lots of walking, standing in line, and trying to make it to all the rides. After hitting all the Disney Parks, we were exhausted and wanted to have a slow relaxing day. We decided we would try to get to the Mickey beignets.

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How to get to the Mickey beignets?

The Mickey Mouse beignets can be found at Disney's Port Orleans Resort. You will need to take a short boat ride from Disney Springs to the resort. To get to the beignets, unless you are already staying at the Port Orleans resort, you will need to get to Disney Springs first.

If you are staying at Disney hotel, you could take a bus to Disney Springs. Alternatively, if you are driving, you can park at a Disney Springs garage for free. Once you get to Disney Springs, walk towards the Rainforest Cafe. A short walk past it, you will find the boat docks that will take you to Disney's French Quarter Resort.

Disney World beignets where to find them

To get to the French Quarter, look for the boat with the solid purple flag. The boat will take you straight to the Port Orleans Resort. Once you arrive at the docks, you will notice a pool area with a sea serpent slide in front of you. Continue to walk forward ( you will have the pool area to your right and the hotel rooms to your left. You will know you made it when you see outdoor tables covered in powdered sugar. You will be able to buy the Mickey beignets at the Scat Cat's Club Café located next to the Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory.

Are the Mickey Beignets Worth it?

Disney World's Scat Cat's Club Cafe Menu

We are a family of four, so logically we ordered the 6 beignets for $10.99. They also come with your choice of dipping sauce. We chose chocolate dipping sauce. But even us chocolate lovers thought the beignets were perfect and did not need to be dipped.

In my opinion, the Mickey beignets are absolutely worth it! They are perfectly sized, fluffy, sweet, fried, and delicious. The cappuccino, on the other hand, was not worth the $4.29 it was tiny and nothing special.

The atmosphere at the resort was very relaxing. We sat at the outdoor covered area just outside the food court. It was nice to get away from the crowd and just sit and unwind. A perfect way to end our Disney Vacation.

Overall, if you are planning to spend a relaxing day in Disney Springs, taking a boat ride to Disney's Port Orleans is a good idea. The boat ride itself is an experience where you feel like you've left Florida and entered bayou in Louisiana. We were stationed in Louisiana a few years back, so visiting Disney's Port Orleans brought sweet memories of our life in LA.

If you're planning a trip to Disney and have a "rest day" between the park days, I recommend taking a stroll in search of the Mickey beignets. I think all of us in our group enjoyed it, from the 4-year-old toddler to the 57-year-old grandfather.

Disney World PLanner

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Happy Planning!

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