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The Best Children's Picture Books to Read During the Month of February

Updated: Jan 20

Welcome to February! This month is all about love and family, so it's the perfect time to snuggle up with your little ones and share a great children's picture book. Whether you're looking for a classic or something more modern, this blog post has you covered with a list of the best children's picture books to read during the month of February. From heartwarming stories about love to captivating tales of adventure, there's something here for everyone. So get ready to curl up with a good book and enjoy some quality family time this month.

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Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox

by Susan Blackaby

Brownie Groundhog steps outside and discovers not one sign of spring and a hungry fox! Determined not to become the fox's next meal, Brownie uses her cleverness to turn the fox into a friend. Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox is a stunning picture book that is a fantastic book to read as springtime approaches.

Love Is

by Diane Adams

In this heartwarming story, a little girl finds a lost duckling who is far away from the park. She decides to care for it, realizing that the duckling needs constant attention, early morning feedings, baths, and cleaning. One day, when the duck is fully grown, it is time to take it back to the pond. After their goodbye, the little girl misses the duck and wonders if it will remember her. What will happen when the young girl sees the duck again? Love Is teaches young children about the challenges and joys that come with love.

I Love You and Cheese Pizza

by Brenda Li

Brian thinks that all he loves is cheese pizza, but with each turning page the reader will find out that all along, unknowingly, Brian had been showing love in many different ways. I Love You and Cheese Pizza is a hilarious story that teaches children about kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, and love. $0.00 KindleUnlimited

It's Mine

by Leo Lionni

In the middle of Rainbow Pond, there live three selfish frogs who constantly bicker: " It's mine! It's mine! It's mine!" When a big storm rolls along, a big brown toad helps them see how much better it is to share.

Love is My Favorite Thing

by Emma Chichester Clark

Love is My Favorite Thing is based on Emma Chichester's own dog. The star of this story is Plum, a dog whose love knows no bounds. She has many favorite things, like catching sticks, her bear, and her bed, but her absolute favorite thing is LOVE.

Room For Everyone

by Naaz Khan

A fun count-to-ten lyrical picture book that teaches counting with a theme of inclusion and making room for everyone.


Khan and López take readers on a uniquely East African journey toward a global sense of compassion and inclusion. -- Kirkus Reviews, STARRED ― September 1, 2021

Here Comes Valentine Cat

by Deborah Underwood

There are many reasons why Cat doesn't like Valentine's Day, just as there are many reasons why he doesn't like his new neighbor. He will absolutely not be making his new neighbor, Dog, a valentine. Readers will love this story that teaches about being too quick to judge.

Here Comes Valentine Cat is a heartwarming hilarious story about the New York Times Bestselling Cat. It is a beautifully illustrated book, perfect for fans of Pete the Cat, Bad Kitty, Elephant and Piggie Books, and Here Comes Santa Cat.

Groggles' Monster Valentine

by Diana Murray

Groggle Monster has been working hard making a Valentine's Day card for his best friend in the whole wide world, Snarlina. There is just one problem, he can't stop eating his Valentine's Day creations meant for his bestie. Will he be able to give his friend a Valentine?

Love Monster and The Last Chocolate

by Rachel bright

Love Monster has been surprised by a box of chocolates on his doorstep. Should he share the chocolates with his friends? He worries he won't have any chocolates left for himself if he shares. Parents and teachers say that Love Monster and The last Chocolate is a lovely and engaging book. It makes a great Valentine's Day read-aloud!

Love, Splat

by Rob Scotton

Lovable Splat the cat wants to become friends with Kitten, but he is too shy to talk to her. Valentine's Day might be the perfect opportunity to talk to Kitten. Love, Splat is an adorable book that's perfect for interactive storytime.$0.00 AudioBook

In My Heart

by Jo Witek

In My Heart is a New York Times bestselling picture book!

Feelings come in all shapes and sizes. Our hearts can feel so many feelings, some feelings make us feel as light as a feather, while other feelings make us feel as heavy as a house. In My Heart does a wonderful job of exploring and describing the wide range of emotions we feel. It is an excellent children's book to help children practice articulating and identifying their emotions.

I Love You Always

by Marianne Richmond

A USA Today Bestseller!

I Love You Always is a perfect addition to your family library! Celebrate and explore with your child how love surrounds us no matter what we do or where we are.

A Little Spot of Love

by Diane Alber

From the A Little Spot of Emotions series, comes A Little Spot of Love. Grow you Little Spot of Love. The Love Spot will guide you through all the ways you can express love. This book does a fantastic job at helping children visualize the emotion and learn how they can Grow Their Love Spot! $0.00 KindleUnlimited

I am You: A Book About Ubuntu

by Refiloe Moahloli

"We may be different, but our hearts beat the same"

Ubuntu comes from a South African belief that we are connected. No matter who or where we are, I am you and you are me. The illustrations are beautiful. The text is lyrical and simple. Both my children, ages 9 and 4, were captivated by the beauty in the texts and were intrigued by the idea that we are all connected. I Am You is a great addition to your classroom or homeschool library that brings a beautiful message about empathy, diversity, and self-love.

Meet February

by April Martin

Meet February, she will teach you all about the month of February and all the things she loves, such as her pet Groundhog, her Black History Month studies, and making special valentine's day cards. February loves creating unique cards for her friends, until one day she loses her cards. Will she be able to find them in time for Valentine's Day?

Happy Reading!

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