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What to Wear to Disney World: Disney Outfit Ideas for Women

Updated: May 6

I can honestly say that we love Walt Disney World. It is a magical place to visit, especially with your children. Definitely worth visiting Disney at least once with your family. A trip to Disney requires a lot of planning like budgeting, what to bring, and what to wear. In this post, I will focus on Disney outfit ideas for women and moms like myself. I've put together several outfits that are super cute and comfortable for a long day at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Fl.

As a mom in her thirties, I want to strike a balance between looking good and being comfortable. I highly recommend wearing your most comfortable shoes. Disney involves a lot of walking and being on your feet. Since turning thirty, I've struggled with foot tendonitis. Recently, I discovered the Sketchers Mile Makers with podiatrist-certified arch support. These shoes have been amazing for my feet! They look gorgeous and my feet don't hurt after a long day of walking with them.

These Disney outfit inspirations are easy to adjust for any season. Going to Disney World during winter? Pair your outfit with a nice jacket. Headed to Disney during the summer? Swap long pants for shorts or breathable leggings. I've also included some fun family-matching ideas and couples-matching t-shirt ideas for your Dinsey trip.

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Disney Outfit Ideas for Women

This outfit is inspired by my childhood favorite Disney princess, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Disney's Little Mermaid outfit for women
Quick links: Denim Jacket, The Little Mermaid T-shirt, Princess Mouse Ears
Sketchers Mile Makers, Leggings

Is Belle your favorite Disney Princess?

If Belle is your favorite Disney princess, swap out the Ariel watercolor shirt for watercolor Belle, and replace the Little Mermaid-inspired Minnie ears with Beauty and the Beast inspired Minnie Ears. It's an easy outfit idea for matching girls at Disney!

Beauty & the Beast Outfit for women Belle

Vintage Star Wars look

Perfect for visiting Disney's Galaxy Edge!

Star Wars Vintage Outfit for Women Disney World

Quick Links: Star Wars Vintage Shirt, Star Wars Minnie Ears, Levi's 501 Original Shorts
Sketchers Mile Makers, Travel Fanny Pack

Guardians of the Galaxy Inspired Outfit

I am in love with this outfit! Disney World is opening a Guardians of the Galaxy ride inside Epcot, called Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. The opening date is scheduled for May 27, 2022.

Guardians of the Galaxy Outfit idea for women Disney
Quick Links: I Am Groot Soft Embroidery Hat, Guardian's of the Galaxy Woman's t-shirt
Crossbody Fanny pack, Levi's 501 Original Shorts, Sketchers Mile Makers

A simple and perfect outfit for Mommy and Son to match at Disney!

Classic Mickey Mouse Outfit for Women Disney Epcot
Quick Links: Vintage Mickey T-shirt, Mickey Mouse Baseball Hat, High Waisted Denim Shorts
Travel Fanny Pack, Sketchers Mile Makers

Hollywood Studio's Toy Storyland Outfit Idea!

Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land Outfit for women
Quick Links: Pizza Planet T-Shirt, Vintage Baseball Cap, High Waisted Denim Shorts
Travel Fanny Pack, Sketchers Mile Makers

Disney Villian Inspired Outfit!

Disney Villains outfit for women moms Disney World
Quick Links: Disney Villain T-Shirt, Maleficent Ears
Travel Fanny Pack, Sketchers Mile Makers, Casual Drawstring Shorts

Family Matching Ideas

Disney Family matching outfit ideas fun
Quick Links: Mr. Potato Head T-shirt, Mrs. Potato Head T-shirt, ToyStory Alien T-shirt

The Potato Head family has arrived! This T-shirt combo looks so fun and perfect for visiting Toy Story Land located in Hollywood Studios.

Toy Story Disney matching family shirts

Quick Links: Woody T-Shirt, Bo Peep T-Shirt, Toddler Baa Sheep Shirt

Another Toy Story Land family matching outfit idea that is super cute!

Disney Outfit Ideas matching shirts for families

Quick Links: Dad Dalmation T-Shirt, Mom Dalmation T-Shirt
Life is Ruff T-Shirt, Dalmation Big face shirt

I'm sure Cruella will have something to say about this!

Moana matching family Disney shirts

Quick Links: Maui T-Shirt , Moana T-Shirt
Hei Hei T-Shirt , Pua T-Shirt

Moana matching shirts for the whole family!

Couples Matching Shirt Ideas

Star Wars couples shirts Disney
Quick Links: Pew Pew Star Wars Shirt, Rebel T-shirt, Rose Gold Minnie Ears

Fun couple's visit to Galaxy Edge!

Peter Pan Couples matching shirts for Disney

Peter Pan Inspired Couples Disney Shirts!

Quick Links: Lost Boys T-shirt ,Never Grow Up Ball Cap , Tinkerbell T-Shirt ,
Rose Gold Minnie Ears

Emperor's New Groove Couple T-shirts

Emperors New Groove Disney couples matching shirts

Quick Links: No Touchy T-shirt , ahaha I Win T-Shirt , Minni Ears

Lady and the Tramp Matching Disney Shirts for couples

Quick Links: Tramp T-shirt , Lady T-shirt , HubbyWifeyBall Cap

I hope you have found these ideas helpful for your upcoming trip to Disney World.

Happy Planning!

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