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Disney World Vacation Planning: What to Bring to Walt Disney World for Families with Little Ones

Updated: May 15

trip to Disney with little kids

Many things can put a damper on one of the ultimate family vacations, a.k.a Disney World. Luckily, there are things you can do to minimize potential downers so that no part of your Disney vacation gets ruined. I have created a list of items you should bring to Disney World that will enhance your trip, things that will make the trip easier, better, and save you money!

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Once you book your Disney World vacation, there are several things you should plan for. For example, you need a budget, plan where you will be dining, which parks you will be visiting, decide what rides you want to go on first, and much more!

There is already a good amount of money spent between Disney World tickets and the stay, and there is also a high probability of spending several hundred dollars while inside the parks (between food, drinks, and souvenirs). In this post, you will find out some ways you could minimize the amount of money spent on your vacation while also minimizing potential problems such as heat and rain.

Here is a list of items that you should bring to Walt Disney World that will make your much-anticipated trip all the better, much more comfortable, and potentially save you money:

It can get very hot in Florida, and unless you are visiting Disney World in January, which is Orlando's coldest month, you should definitely bring a portable fan. There are many options for portable fans, such as tiny handheld fans, fans that spray mist, clip-on fans, and more. My personal favorite is the fan you can attach to a stroller. We actually have two portable fans that we clip on the stroller. That way we have one fan for the child in the stroller, and the other for the stroller driver or facing the walking child.

What's pretty cool about these mini fans is that they are USB-chargeable, which means you can charge them right before heading to the parks. No need to worry about bringing extra batteries.

Between the heat and all the walking, it is very important to stay hydrated at the parks. Disney does have bottled water available for purchase, their price ranges from around $2.50 to $3.50 per bottled water. It can get pretty expensive for a family visiting Disney World for more than a day.

Save money by bringing your water bottles. I recommend insulated water bottles. Fill them up with ice and water to enjoy cold refreshing water all day. If you run out of water, Disney has water bottle refilling stations at the parks.

There are several reasons you would want to pack a poncho. If it rains, you could be stranded somewhere around the park waiting out the rain, missing out on all the fun. Orlando's rainiest months are between June to September. So if you are planning your vacation during those rainy months, I highly encourage you to pack some ponchos. Hope for no rain, but prepare just in case.

As with most things, it can be pricer purchasing them at the park. Disney ponchos are $9 at the parks, and they are high quality. For two people, that is already $18.00. For our latest amusement park trip, we bought a family pack of 8 ponchos for $13.00 (at the time). They came in different colors and sizes ( 4 children size and 4 adult size). The capes were sturdy and very easy to pack, they are packed tiny enough to fit in a bag or pocket. Luckily, it didn't rain during our stay (we visited in November). We ended up using the ponchos to keep our clothes dry during the wet rides.

At Disney World, most of your time will be spent walking outside from one place to another. Sunscreen and hats will be your best defense against sunburn. Protect your beautiful skin, and your family's, by applying sunscreen before entering the parks. Make sure to pack a small sunscreen bottle in your park bag for re-application if you intend to stay all day at the park.

Relax, fanny packs are in style and cool again! When our family of four goes to Disney, we bring our stroller, a backpack, and a fanny pack. The backpack I hang on the stroller, and I like to wear the fanny pack so I can keep my phone, money, ID, and Disney tickets on me at all times without having to wear a backpack that may hurt my back after a while. A waist bag, or fanny pack, leaves your hands free and your belongings close to you. I like that I can quickly access our Disney tickets for entering the park, switch passes, and fast passes.

I hope you've found this list useful for your upcoming vacation. These items have indeed made our Disney World vacations all the more enjoyable.

Have a magical Disney vacation!

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