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DIY Disney Pin Display

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On our recent trip to Disney, our boys were able to do some pin trading. We had never done it, and I always wondered if they would enjoy it. In summary, my 9-year-old enjoyed stopping by the pin trading stations to trade some of his pins. His 4-year-old brother didn't care much for it but still managed to trade pins a couple of times. My kids are big Star Wars fans, therefor their goal was to trade their non-Star Wars pins for Star Wars pins.

Dinsey has several pin trading stations throughout the parks and Disney Springs, they are usually located at the Pin Traders shops. We were lucky enough to stumble upon two-pin trading stations locations inside the World Showcase.

Since it was our first time trading pins at Disney, we had nowhere to put the pins when we got home. I thought it would be a nice idea to have them displayed in their room. We are in the process of moving, and of course, my boys want their rooms to be Star Wars themed. After searching online for pin display ideas, I stumbled upon several I loved. I decided to make my own pin display.

I purchased these Cork Board tiles on Amazon. They were on sale for $4 (regular $19.69). A set of 4 for $4! I couldn't pass it up, I felt that they brought enough for trial and error and at a price that couldn't be beaten.

After the corkboard arrived, I printed out some Star Wars templates I found online. I cut the templates out and traced them on the corkboard tile. Once traced, I cut along the lines with the Exacto knife. Done!

Easy DIY Disney Pin Display

Materials needed:

  1. Print and cut out your template.

  2. Trace the template on the corkboard.

  3. Cut along the corkboard with the exact knife.

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