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Winter Break Gift Basket Idea for Kids

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Winter break is a special time for kids, and what better way to celebrate than with a gift basket full of surprises?

Winter break is a magical time for kids. It's an opportunity to break away from the stresses of school and take a much-needed breather. What better way to make the season even more special for your children than with a gift basket full of surprises? A thoughtful gift basket is a perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your children this winter break. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to put together a winter break gift basket for your kids that is sure to make them smile.

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What to Put in the Basket

Making a winter break gift basket for your kids is a great way to show your appreciation for them and the holidays. You can customize it to your children’s interests, making it as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.

For a movie night gift basket, you could include popcorn, movie tickets, special candies, a blanket, and a stuffed animal. You could also purchase small toys from Five Below or Dollar Tree. These are inexpensive options that can be found easily.

Squishmallows are a great option to fill the basket with! Just look at these cuties!

If your child has a hobby they enjoy, you could incorporate items related to that into their basket. For example, if they’re an avid reader, you could buy a few books they’ve been wanting to read. If they’re into sports, you could include new equipment or a jersey of their favorite team.

You can also include things like stationary, puzzles, craft supplies, or games. These are all great ways to encourage creativity and have some quality family time.

By making the basket personalized to your child’s interests, you can make sure they have a winter break full of fun surprises.

How to make the basket

Getting the perfect winter break gift basket for your children can be fun and easy. The first step is to find a basket or bucket that fits the items you want to put in it. You can get creative with the size and type of basket – from a large laundry basket to a medium-sized tote bag. The key is to make sure it is big enough to fit all the goodies you want to put in it!

I found these cute Santa buckets at the Dollar Tree store, but they are available on amazon.

Once you have your basket, it's time to start filling it with treats and gifts. You can pick up small toys, games, and books that your kids will love, along with some snacks, chocolates, and candy. Don't forget to add a few special items your children can enjoy during their winter break, like a hot cocoa kit or craft supplies.

You can also make the gift basket look extra special by adding some tissue paper and ribbon. Then, write a personalized card or letter letting your child know how proud you are of them for their hard work during the school year and in any sports or activities, they participated in. This small touch will make the gift even more meaningful.

(Click Here for your free Winter Break Card Customizable Template)

When you're done, your winter break gift basket will be ready for your kids! It's sure to be a hit and bring lots of smiles this holiday season.

How to surprise your kids with the basket

Ideally, you'd want to wait until the last day of school before Winter Break. You can surprise your child by having the baskets set up somewhere your child can see them once he or she walks into the house.

Similarly, you can surprise them during school pick-up, by having the baskets placed on their seats for them to see once they get inside the car.

If you want to wait until the first official day of Winter Break, you place the baskets under the Christmas tree (or by their beds) for when they wake up.

For those who are looking for something more creative, you can also make the basket part of a scavenger hunt. Have them search for clues around the house that will lead them to the special winter break gift basket. To make things even more exciting, you can hide special trinkets or notes in each clue to add an element of surprise and anticipation.

Whatever way you decide to surprise your kids with a winter break gift basket, they're sure to be delighted and appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Enjoy watching them enjoy all the surprises you have in store for them!

Happy Holidays!

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